Real India

2010 | Video

«Real India is a video of Sonja Feldmeier’s exploration of a new, modern, urban environment – New Delhi, India – from the perspective of a stranger. Her journey begins with the climbing of a tree, from where she begins to collect unrelated images from her new surroundings and associates them with what she already knows.

Images of a tree, leaves, wires, animals, rituals, are transformed by the artist to follow a circular narrative through which she searches for understanding of New Delhi, while a man’s voice off-screen tells her that what she sees is not the real India, and that what she’s looking for is found somewhere else.» (Kyoung Park)

Ausstellungen / Screenings

2010 Real India, Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi
2010 radikal subjektiv – Regionale 11, Kunstmuseum Baselland
Sky Bet by